May 01 2018

CvC Singles

CvC Singles this Friday @ Norths Cue Sports!

Registration: 6pm to 7pm
Draw: 7pm to 7:30pm
Start: 7:30pm

Separate comps for each grade! Entries open to players and managers of CvC teams only.

Entry Fees:
A Grade: $20 (Limited to 64 entries)
B Grade: $15 (Limited to 32 entries)
C Grade: $10 (Limited to 32 entries)
Ladies: $10 (Limited to 32 entries)

Dress Code for singles comp – Casual

(Please check with Norths Cue Sports/Bramble Bay Bowls Club for dress code requirements)

Apr 29 2018

Masters Rankers Roundup

The last of the 3 SEQ Masters Rankers was completed today.

Congratulations to Craig Stubbin for finishing in the top position, earning himself a spot in the Queensland Masters State Team Playoff.

The SEQ Top 16 Masters Team Playoff will take place on Sunday 30th June, with the first of the 16 spots being filled from the Promo qualifiers (who can choose to play in the Open, Masters or Women’s playoff)s.

So far, there were two promo qualifiers who chose to play in the SEQ Top 16 Masters Team playoff:

  • Steve Lees
  • Peter Smith


After the promos are completed, the remaining spots will be filled by players from the SEQ Masters Rankers, who do not already have automatic qualification to the Queensland Masters State Team Playoff. The following have automatic qualification:

  • Craig Stubbin (SEQ Masters Rankers winner)
  • 2018 SEQ Masters Singles Champion
  • 2017 Masters State Squad


The SEQ Masters Rankers table can be found here.

Jan 04 2018

40 second shot clock in use

All  fixtures use the 40 second shot clock

When you start Timing Call “Time Running”
At 20 seconds Call “20 Seconds”
At 40 Seconds Call “Time Foul”