2024 Women’s Ranker

2024 Women's Ranker

Venue and Dates as per SQEBF Calendar.

  • Full SQEBF Dress Code applies *

  • SQEBF Eligibility Criteria applies *

  • Entry Fee $150.00

  • Closing Date for Entries is 7 days before the event at 5pm.

* Dress code and eligibility criteria are detailed in the SQEBF By-laws.

This is your chance to represent Queensland at the National Championships!

  • The top players from this one weekend make their way straight into the Queensland State Team Playoff!
  • The entry fee of $150 is a one-off Ranker payment, and this will include entry into the Queensland State Team Playoff for qualifying players.


What to expect 

  • 9:00 AM Start
  • Format and number of days will depend on numbers.
  • Top players progress to Queensland State Trial
  • Number of players depend on QEBF allocation.
  • 1st place also gets a spot in the Queensland Singles