2024 Australia Cup Ranker

2024 Australia Cup Ranker

Venue and Dates as per SQEBF Calendar.

Top 5 players represent Queensland at the Australia Cup!

  • Format and number of days of ranker will depend on number of entries

  • Full SQEBF Dress Code applies *

  • SQEBF Eligibility Criteria applies *

  • Entry Fee $100.00

  • Players travelling will receive SQEBF funding.

  • Closing Date for Entries is 7 days before the event at 5pm.

* Dress code and eligibility criteria are detailed in the SQEBF By-laws.

AEBF Eligilibity Criteria for Australia Cup

  • Open to all grass roots players around Australia.
  • If the player has played nationals previously, The player must not have averaged OVER 45% at their last three nationals.
  • The AEBF reserves the right to reject a players entry to the Australia Cup if they are deemed to be elite yet have not played at nationals.
  • For example… Johl Younger (VIC), Ben Judge (WA), Ricky Watson (SA).

No refunds from SQEBF if you get rejected by AEBF after making team via SQEBF Australia Cup Ranker, that just means you failed in your responsibility to ensure that you were eligible before entering.